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Port Townsend Galleries and Our Local Shops

Port Townsend art is so important to me because there are so many artists in this small town that create incredible art pieces. I have always felt so supported in this amazing community. My first art teacher lives in Port Townsend currently and has been a huge in teaching me amazing art techniques I have been using for over 8 years. Carol has always inspired me to be true to my vision when it comes to my artwork.

I feel that being surrounded by giving and talented folks makes a huge difference for a young artist that wants to figure out what their artistic focus is. I was blessed to study with Carol who has been creating artwork for decades and is passionate about teaching younger artists find their motivation and expression of individuality in each art piece.

I love to walk along the quaint town of Port Townsend and experience each amazing art galleries and art shops that make it easy for artists like me to purchase all sorts of art supplies that I need to complete my art. Northwind Gallery is one of my favorite art galleries because it displays stunning artwork by local Port Townsend artists. When I need supplies my favorite art store is Wynwoods Gallery & Beads Studio and Don’s Pharmacy who also sells all sorts of supplies that I use to create. Since I am currently creating paintings, drawings, sculptures, and jewelry that I sell on my website to help raise funds for Jefferson Land Trust and in the past the Port Townsend Marine Science Center and the Dove House these shops come in handy.

Jefferson Land Trust is very important to me because of the work they do in the Port Townsend Community. I am so happy to know that future generations will be able to experience natural environments that are being preserved by this amazing organization. I hope that other artist will be as inspired by the beautiful habitats that Jefferson Land Trust is preserving for them to walk in or view beautiful birds flying overhead as they sit in these stunning pieces of land that are so pristine and accessible to all the folks that live in Port Townsend and all the visitors that come to enjoy this beautiful little town and surrounding areas.

I loved volunteering for years for the Marine Science Center in Port Townsend where I learned so much about the local sea creatures and how important it was to educate others about the local marine life and stewardship of the Salish Sea. The monitoring of the critical habitat of endangered southern resident whales and the Salish Sea ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy this beautiful area and local sea creatures. One of the most enjoyable activities I was able to volunteer for with this amazing organization was the Aquarium where I was able to work with actual living sea creatures that are in the local area.

Port Townsend is a perfect place for Artists to find inspiration for their future art projects and to learn ways to become stewards of this amazing and stunning environment, so it is a win win for local land and artists.

I learn more and more each day as I create nature experiences in this beautiful little town and I am full of gratitude.