Honoring Gabriel E. Ornelas

Honoring Gabriel E. Ornelas


US Marine                     Captain Gabe Ornelas


Over four years ago I was blessed to meet  Gabe and Robin Ornelas and they made a huge impact in my life.  I have always loved nature and loved to use it in my art, and after seeing how much time Gabe and Robin spent with local non-profits in our area such as North Olympic Salmon Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, and the Eleanor Stopps’s Memorial I was inspired to find a way to give back to our community and utilize my art.

Pictures below: Gabe and Aloura at Eleanor Stopps’s Memorial Celebration. Gabe, Robin and Aloura at Victorian Days. Gabe, Robin, Aloura and Tony Angell at Eleanor Stopps’s Dedication Celebration.  Aloura and Gabe at Marine Science Center Auction.


I decided to follow their example by selling my art to help raise funds for local non-profits that are helping conserve nature in Jefferson County. The past few years I have sold my note cards and paintings to raise funds for the Marine Science Center, Dove House, Admiralty Audubon, and Jefferson Land Trust.

Pictures below: Robin and Aloura at First Night creating art. Robin, Gabe and Aloura at Christmas in Port Townsend.  Robin, Carol Heath Stabile and Aloura at Aloura’s first art show that was held at Jefferson Museum of Art and History.


Gabe and Robin have always supported my artistic efforts and I am very grateful for their love and support.  All of my future donations to local non-profits will be donated to honor Gabe’s memory.  He gave so much too so many people while serving in The Marines and Los Angeles Police Department.  After retiring he still found time to give back to his community by being of service to many local non-profits.